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Camp Mahou[]

Welcome to Camp Mahou where little boys and little girls with special little abilities come to blossom into little heroes! Here we teach children to explore their newfound powers all while having fun in camp activities including Catchphrases, Team building, Gymnastics, and many more! Our little heroes have the choice to become Magic Girls and Boys or Color Rangers. With other Magic Girls and Boys or Color Rangers, they will for small teams to help each other succeed in camp games. And please don't worry about our children's living in safety! We have plenty of comfortable cabins and fresh food supplements as well as a sufficient camp clinic ready for all campers needs and a large team of Color Rangers Camp Counselors! If you still don't approve of your children's stay at Camp Mahou, you're dead, so it doesn't matter.

Two weeks ago the city was destroyed when an unforeseen Meteor crashed into it's center. On impact with the Earth's surface, the meteor let out a toxin that spread through the city killing everybody except from children between the ages of 8 and 14. Not only did those children live, but they also developed many new powers and abilities. Others, now referred to as "Alive" also survived, but did not develop abilities.

Today, two weeks later, Camp Mahou is formed on the ground zero.

*extra facts

  • powers are not restricted to age, although if you are not between 8 and 14, more than likely you are just Alive.
  • That being said, you can also be between the ages of 8 and 14 and also be Alive. In this case, you must be a color ranger
  • If you are Alive, it is actually a requirement that you are a color ranger. The toxins in the air, will not kill you, but it can still be crippling. The Color Ranger suits will protect you from the contaminated air.
  • That being said, those with abilities are 100% immune
  • Did I miss anything

ALRIGHT FAM HERES THE FUN OOC GAME WE'RE GOING TO PLAY. WE'RE GOING TO DO CHARACTER TRADES. EVERYONE NEEDS TO MAKE ONE OR TWO CHARACTERS AND WHEN THEY'RE ALL MADE, WE WILL DO DRAWINGS. For example, If we have characters Jonny, Jack, and Jill, Jonny will be 1, Jack will be 2, and Jill will be three. We can draw numbers (maybe we'll do the spin the wheel thing), and that character will be whoevers. You get it.



  • PROFILE (name, age, Magic Girl/Boy or color Ranger, etc)
  • APPEARANCE (find/draw a picture or describe)

At least give a vague idea (at least say "water powers" or "a little shy and really nice" etc)

Alice's Dream[]

Lewis Carroll looked down into his hands. In his left, he had a cake tied in a ribbon reading "eat me". In his right, a bottle reading "drink me". He glanced back and forth between the two, unsure of which to pick. If he ate the cake, he'd be allowed to remain, he knew that. If he draw from the bottle, he'd die. It was clearly poison. The obvious choice was the cake, but as he chose it, he'd glance back to the bottle and second guess. It was as if leaving would somehow be better. What should it matter, he thought. This is only a dream, he knew. While the bottle called him with freedom, the cake called him with responsibility and with that, he ate the cake. The when a door appeared in front of him and opened to a glowing light. Ever cautiously, he stepped through. On the other side waited what seemed to be a hatter, a rabbit, and a mouse, who said "Welcome, Alice."

Lewis Carroll was the first Alice to document the phenomenon of the land of dreams, better known as Wonderland. As the name implies, it is a land of complete wonder, riddled with games and labyrinths, an extraordinary and abstract place that can only be created by depths of the sleeping mind. Thoughts, ideas, and dreams are manifested in Wonderland. They appear as nature and events, and the strong ones even appear as spirits who eventually find a way into Upperland--the real world--to spread their potential. Upperland can only be accessed by spirits through the Keepers of Wonderland, people gifted and conscious of the dream world. When a dream spirit wants to cross over to Upperland, they must seek a keeper to grant them passage. Of course, dream spirit aren't the only manifestations trying to get through. Nightmares, manifestations of monsters and chaos can also be found trying to persuade Keepers to allow them into the real world, bringing the destruction they do in Wonderland to the real world. Violent nightmares stop at nothing to get to the keepers, often destroying much in their paths to find them.

That's where Alice comes in. The title Alice is given to the guardian of both Upperland and Wonderland to protect from the harmful nightmares. It is Alice's duty to keep any nightmares from tricking the keepers all while preventing great disasters across Wonderland.

Upon Carroll's later years in Wonderland, he heard of a rumored nightmare called Jabberwocky. As it was said, the Jabberwocky could not die by the hands of Alice, nor could it die once it escapes and brings disaster to Upperland. Since then, it's been confirmed with the deaths of multiple Alices as proof. Once finished in the real world it return to Wonderland and restart the cycle of evading Alice by passing from dreamer to dreamer as hosts rather than manifesting into it's own being. Then it would wait for it's next chance to encounter Alice.

The Keepers of Wonderland[]

The Keepers of Wonderland are those born in Upperland with the power to physically pass from Upperland to Wonderland while awake. The roles of the Keepers are passed on at the end of each's life. When a keeper dies, their power will be offered to a compatible person in Upperland in a dream. If that person accepts, when they awake they will never again find themselves without the tools to move between worlds: a cake and a bottle. The cake is to enter the world, and the bottle is to leave. There are no known qualifications for a successor keeper.

Interestingly, each generation of keepers seem to share similar relationships with each other that their predecessors had, though it is not set in stone.

(to choose a keeper, click the hyperlink. If the role is currently filled by an NPC, choose a form of death for them, mark them as deceased, make a bar, and create the successor's profile underneath.) (if you have a predecessor for your character in mind already feel free to replace completely)


White Rabbit

Queen of Hearts

Knave of Hearts


Mad Hatter

March Hare



Cheshire Cat

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum



Real World[]




The Keepers Dreaming

Latest activity[]

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