Alice's Dream Wikia
Elizabeth Dodgson
Age 22 (at death)
Birthday March 20th
Gender Female
Residence London
Family Two cousins: Seraphina Mae Dodgson and Cora Annabeth Summers
Likes Being embarrassed; Being a nuisance; People who don't trust his word; People who disagree with him
Dislikes Burdens of being Alice; Dealing with Nightmares; Dealing with Dreams
Status Dead; Killed by Current Queen of Hearts
Seraphina "Phina" Dodgson
"I see people smiling in the dark."
Age 20
Birthday December 25th
Gender Female
Residence Cheshire, London; In a apartment.
Family Phina only has one living family member

which is her cousin Cora Summers, who currently resides in America. She was also very close with her now deceased cousin, Elizabeth Dodgson.

Likes Anime; Doodling; Dark Wave Music; Whiskey
Dislikes Being Alone
Status Alive